Calgary Avian & Exotic Pet Clinic

Our support staff round out our proud team of individuals dedicated to helping ensure a long and healthy life for your pet.


Our Animal Health Technologists are skilled in radiology, parasitology, hematology, and anaesthesia of exotic species and are well trained in handling all species.  Their exceptional nursing skills ensure astute animal assessments and guarantee lots of cuddles and kind words for all the hospitalized animals.

Our Veterinary Receptionists  are well versed in the nutritional and supplemental needs of your pets.  They are happily at your service to answer your questions regarding the health and care of your pet.

Rebekah graduated as a Veterinary Technologist from St. Clair College in 2001.  Following two years of practice in her native Ontario, she moved West in order to join the team at Calgary Avian & Exotic Pet Clinic in 2003.  She continually nurtures her passion for all things exotic by attending conferences, both locally and internationally, dedicated to technicians working with exotic pets which helps her to hone her skills in parasitology, anaesthesia, emergency medicine and behaviour. 


Caitlyn, a 2005 graduate of the Animal Health Technology program at Olds College, fulfilled a life long dream of working exclusively with birds and exotic pets when she joined our team in 2006.  Having started here cleaning cages when she was 16, we were thrilled to welcome her 'back to the nest'!  Caitlyn has attended conferences and workshops to further her expertise - with special interests in anaesthesia, nutrition, and behaviour.  A budgie breeder, Caitlyn shares her home with budgies and a cockatiel,  Petrie, her Red-bellied Parrot, Kato, an African Grey Parrot, her Leopard Tortoise, Wilson and her two dogs, Tallis and Nikita.

Nikki, our head receptionist, received her Animal Sciences Diploma from Montreal's International Correspondence School in 1995.  She has been an integral part of Calgary Avian & Exotic Pet Clinic since 2001.  Her menagerie includes her dogs, Tai, Nova and Juno, her horses, a budgie named Wilbur and  Storm, her African Grey Parrot.

Bay 1, 2308 - 24th Street S.W.

       Calgary, AB   T2T 5H8

         Tel:  403-240-3577

         Fax:  403-249-8160

Our Volunteers - we would be remiss if we did not mention the wonderful stream of people we continually have through our doors as volunteers.  Most of these people have a long-term goal of either a degree in Veterinary Medicine or becoming an Animal Health Technologist.  While we help expose them to the professional field of their choosing, they return the favour by helping us run our hospital!



Courtney comes to us from Medicine Hat.  A 2014 Animal Health Technologist graduate from Olds College, Courtney did her six-week practicum with us and never left!  She is a perfect fit at the clinic with a natural ability with all animals exotic.  Although an avid cat lover and owner of Muggins and Daya,  if a hamster needs a home, you can bet it is going to leave with Courtney!

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