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Exotic Pet Clinic


Our clinic continues to ensure specialized equipment geared toward  exotic species is utilized.  Specialized incubators are employed to ensure sick birds and reptiles are housed at the correct temperature, humidity, and with the correct lighting.  Our anaesthetic machines use strictly Isoflurane gas, the safest gas agent available for exotic species and our patients are monitored using both doppler and pulse oximeter, as well as by our trained Animal Health Technologists.

All our surgical equipment is specialized to ensure the most delicate touch on your pet's tissues and special magnifying loops and endoscopic instruments are utilized.  Our new radiology machine ensures a high quality x-ray film as a diagnostic aid.

After over 20 years in its previous location, Calgary Avian & Exotic Pet Clinic opened the doors to its new facility on August 4, 2009.  Just five minutes from our old location, we expanded by an additional 1000 square feet and now offer improved parking, a larger reception area with a dedicated retail center and larger, more comfortable examination rooms.  Our updated treatment, surgery and hospital space, along with our new radiology equipment means we can continue to ensure your pet will receive the best care possible.  Our increased space allows us to offer a dedicated boarding area for our clients' pets and a larger teaching facility for veterinary and technical students.

Bay 1, 2308 - 24th Street S.W.

       Calgary, AB   T2T 5H8

         Tel:  403-240-3577

         Fax:  403-249-8160

Our hospital is designed to separate species as needed, with a special ward for ferrets.  Since there are no barking dogs and no meowing cats to disturb our hospitalized patients, our exotics only atmosphere minimizes stress to your pet.


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