At Calgary Avian & Exotic Pet Clinic, we understand the importance of proper nutrition for the health and well-being of exotic pets.  We are proud to offer quality diets, supplements and enrichment items for most exotic species and can special order items not routinely in stock.  We are happy to help you chose an optimum diet for your pet and instruct you on how to safely convert your pet to a different diet. 

Harrison's Bird Foods

This line of 100% certified organic pelleted food is formulated to provide complete nutrition for your bird.  Special formulations are available to provide for the species, age, reproductive status, and health of your bird.

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Oxbow Products

This line provides premium life stage food for rabbits, guinea pigs, chinchillas and other rodents.  We carry the full line of diets for all species, including their newest organic food line, farm fresh hays, species' safe treats and Nature Science supplements.

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nutriberriesLafeber Nutri-Berries

Great for training or for providing a nutritious treat, Nutri-Berries come in a variety of flavours and now offers a Senior bird formulation.

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Ferret Diets and Supplements

We carry both Wysong and Totally Ferret diets, as well as ferret supplements to meet the needs of all ages of ferrets.

Reptile Supplements

As well as providing supplements for all manner of reptiles, we can direct you in supporting young, inappetant, or ailing pets.