Calgary Avian & Exotic Pet Clinic

Our Veterinarians provide the following specialty services:

1)  Behavioural Consultations

- Parrot problems:  Feather

   destructive behaviour, screaming,

   biting, chronic egg laying

- Rabbit behaviour

- Ferret behaviour


2)  Breeder Consultations/On-site


3)  Accept referrals from other

      clinics/Veterinarians seeking a

      second opinion


- We provide on-site analysis of the

   animal management practices of pet

   stores of all sizes to help maintain

   healthy animals, a healthy

   environment, and to further promote

   the human-animal bond.




- Aviaries

- Caviaries

- Herpetological collections

- Rabbitries

5)  Boarding

- We now offer boarding to a limited

   number of clients whose pets have

   current health exams and blood work.

4)  Pet Store Consultations

6)  Housecalls

- For clients with multiple pets,

   institutions with pets, or clients that are

   unable to drive, we offer a housecall


Bay 1, 2308 - 24th Street S.W.  
      Calgary, AB   T2T 5H8

         Tel:  403-240-3577

         Fax:  403-249-8160

7)  Pet Loss Counseling/After-care

- We understand that the loss of a pet is

   a traumatic event and we at Calgary

   Avian & Exotic Pet Clinic share in your

   sorrow and will do everything possible

   to make this time as easy as possible

   for you.  Any of our staff can guide you

   through the options available for after

   care of your pet and our Veterinarians

   are available to counsel you through a

   decision or any time after your loss.

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